Our Mission for the Little Gems of Madagascar

The children of Madagascar need help
GemsOfMadagascar.org is committed to giving grass-roots aid and love to children in rural villages of Madagascar. In conjunction with other non-profit organizations, our mission is to help these villagers create lasting change for a better life and promising future.

According to Global Finance Magazine, Madagascar is the 10th poorest country in the world by GDP per ca pita. The people there suffer great poverty and malnutrition. Over 50% of the children have stunted growth. There is no electricity, plumbing, clean water or even toilets in most rural villages. And some villages are so remote they are essentially unreachable during the 4-month rainy season.

As a graduate gemologist, I came to love Madagascar because it is one of the world’s top suppliers of gems and minerals. But to me, the true gems of Madagascar are the children…so beautiful, curious, kind and faithful. Together, we can make a difference in the future of these precious children. So will you help?

We need your help to provide clean water solutions, basic hygiene education, healthier food, clothing, medical care and first aid training, education, toilets, community gardens and more. But more importantly, it is our goal to establish long-term relationships to help teach the villagers lifelong skills that will have a lasting effect for a better future.

Our approach is holistic in nature, it’s about so much more than humanitarian projects: