Our Current Active Villages

In October of 2014 Michelle set out on a quest to make a difference in Madagascar. With the support of several friends and family members she left on a 5 week journey to Madagascar determined to make a difference. She, along with two local Malagasy people, visited four villages and an orphanage. They delivered food, clothing and toiletries to nearly 600 children. More importantly, Michelle made a point to meet the heads of the villages to learn about their circumstances so she could help make a difference in the future.

The four villages she visited are: Ambalafeno, Ankevohevo, Ifasina and Mananjara. These pages tell the tale of Michelle’s amazing first visit to each of these villages and what we are doing to help each one. Because GemsOfMadagascar.org believes in a holistic approach to helping, it is our goal to establish long-term relationships to help teach the villagers lifelong skills that will have a lasting effect for a better future.