Ankevohevo Overview

Beautiful Ankevohevo MadagascarAnkevohevo, located in the rain forest near Ranomafana National Park, holds a special place in my heart!

We ended up in this beautiful little village by chance…or so it seemed. The night before, we had hired a guide to take us to different village on this morning. But Unfortunately (or fortunately), we accidentally upset that guide so he didn’t show up or return our calls.

For several hours we searched Ranomafana looking for Theo and waiting for him to respond to my calls and text messages. I had committed to him and I didn’t want to go anywhere until we heard from him. But it was clear he wasn’t going to be our guide. Frustrated, I decided we’d pack up and leave the area in the morning…determined to find a village far away from here.

Later in the day, a young man suggested we visit his village. It was close, it was Christian and it was very poor. I was reluctant, still having a bad attitude about the area, but I decided we’d give it a try…but if I didn’t feel a connection, we would leave…
Ankevohevo, a poor village near Ranomafana
As with our other villages, upon our arrival in Ankevohevo we asked to speak to the people in charge. I knew we were meant to find this village when I learned the three contact men for the village were Richard, Jaona (the Malagasy spelling of John) and Paoly. My father’s name is Richard John Pauly.

Just 30-40 minutes later, I learned the reason why God sent us to this beautiful village. Click here to see the story of little François.

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