Giving to Mananjara

November 14, 2014 we returned to Mananjara to bring clothing and gift bags. The children were waiting patiently by the town hall.
Mananjara kids waiting patiently
The people of this village have beautiful singing voices and they love to sing to show their appreciation. I was impressed.

One of the things on their wish list was sending 4 little girls to school. We requested to meet with the girls and their parents.

We asked the girls, Valisoa, Vero, Senia and Sentia, about their commitment to school. We discussed the importance of school with the parents. Feeling good that they would make the most of the opportunity, we agreed to send the girls to school for one year.

Please see our page Update on Mananjara for an update about the girls’ progress in school.

Sending 4 girls to school

Another item on the list of needs for Mananjara is new vegetable seeds. They had seeded and re-seeded from the same crop over and over again. Now their production has dwindled considerably and they have heads of cabbage the size of baseballs. We returned on the third day to bring some new vegetable seeds. It’s not much but it’s a start.

Giving vegetable seeds to Mananjara

After my visit to Madagascar, I was given a wonderful gift of 500+ packets of non-GMO vegetable seeds from Cowtown Grangers in Denver. I am in the process of categorizing the seeds so I can send the appropriate paperwork to the Minister of Agriculture of Madagascar to approve bringing them into the country. Fingers crossed they will approve the gift! If so, we will divide them among the four villages we visited.