Ambalafeno Overview

After stopping at three other villages and not really feeling the love in any of them, we decided to make Ambalafeno our fourth village. Ambalafeno is really a cluster of three villages in the central highlands of Madagascar near Antsirabe. By now TJ had developed malaria and was getting worse.

Hiking to Ambalafeno.

When we arrived, the chief of the village was taking a thief to the police, so we spent some time with the villagers. The little kids weren’t sure what to think of me. They eventually warmed up to me.

Hiking to Ambalafeno.

We took some group photos, then made plans for our return in the morning. We would arrive at noon, at the end of their church service.

Our tour of Ankevohevo.

We headed out early on this day as the chief was away and TJ was being hit hard by Malaria. WE didn’t have much time to spend with the villagers. I was a bit disappointed, but I was happy we picked Ambalafeno.

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