Our Mission

Although GemsOfMadagascar.org is not a “religious” organization, we are Christians and do our community projects in the name of Christ.

Mission Statement

GemsOfMadagascar.org supports economic, spiritual, social and human development through community-driven projects, education and relationship building in the name of Christ. In association with other non-profit organizations, our goal is to create lasting change ensuring a better future for children in Madagascar.


  1. To promote economic development by actions such as but not limited to assisting villagers in learning practical skills that can help encourage entrepreneurial advancement and/or generate revenue for the village.
  2. To promote spiritual development by actions such as but not limited to community-driven projects, developing personal relationships through music, prayer and other activities based on Christian principles and theology.
  3. To promote social development by assisting in community-driven projects such as but not limited to improving village infrastructure, building or repairing schools, toilets and other community buildings, completing clean water projects, creating community gardens etc.
  4. To promote human development through activities such as but not limited to education, child development training, encouraging proper hygiene and sanitation practices, teaching nutrition education, providing basic medicine for easily treatable but life threatening conditions etc.