Blessing for Ankevohevo

old dilapidated church in AnkevohevoWe’re feeling very blessed that our friend Ken Doxsee and his congregation at Central Lutheran Church in Eugene, Oregon are doing a funds drive to help pay for our church building project in Ankevohevo Madagascar. Through their generosity and fundraising efforts we are well on our way to paying for this project.

This village already has clean water, so their first request was a new Lutheran church building. The current church is 24 years old and in disrepair and a bit unstable. It is made of mud and sticks with a dirt floor, making it very dusty inside. The dust only contributes to the already-prevalent respiratory problems among the villagers. Construction on the new church building begins in June 2016.

We’re excited the people of Ankevohevo and surrounding villages will finally have a safe, clean and comfortable place to worship. For more information about this project, visit:
dusty church in Ankevohevo

The price tag on this new church building is approximately $8,300. If you’d like to donate to this project through the church, please send checks to:
Central Lutheran Church
1857 Potter Street
Eugene, Oregon 97403
Please write ‘Madagascar’ on the comments line.

Or you can donate directly to us by clicking on the Donate Now tab at the top of this page.